Bob Simrak Photography
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Perhaps you can identify with me.  The camera seems to be a vital part of my personality.  Light fascinates me.  The wonders of my everyday, sometimes mundane world give me a sense of awe.  

My goal? To slow down, enjoy the precious moments of life and share them.

If these images help you see and enjoy the beauty wherever you may be, I am fulfilled.


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About: Bob has an artist's heart. He is an award winning photographer known for his love of simplicity in his visual compositions.  From "Best of Show" at his university's annual Art Exhibit, to finalist for the Nikonian's Photographer of the Year, volunteer work to help non-profits and organizations like the Philadelphia Zoo put their best foot forward - Bob's work is focused on making the main thing, the main thing. He is a graduate of the NYIP - New York Institute of Photography where he had several images purchased for their permanent collection.

Capturing the wildlife images presented in this collection is achieved not just through a high level of photographic expertise, but also through a patient investment of time.  As you can see, his patience has produced some truly amazing wildlife photographs.